Frequently Asked Questions

The event, Reading Freshers Fest 2024 was created by Reading’ biggest event company, Entourage Project and has been around since 2008. We are here to make sure your life in a new town gets off to the craziest possible start! Every year we host the wildest Freshers parties at the very best venues in Reading.

Your wristband to the wildest Freshers week of your life. Freshers Fest will make sure life in your new town gets off to a memorable start with insane Freshers events in Reading’s best venues & the Reading university students union. Grab your freshers wristband early and let the excitement commence.

Reading Freshers Fest 2024, starts on Monday 23rd September 2024 and ends on Saturday 5th October 2024.

8 of Reading’s most popular night club venues in town & the student union nightclub are included in the Freshers Fest Wristband.

Join our Whatsapp Group Chats for the latest freshers news and information. You will also gain access to exclusive early access freshers week tickets and discounts.

One way of ensuring any events you wish to attend in freshers week are legitimate is to look at past photo albums from previous events. Are the tickets available on trusted ticketing outlets, such as Fatsoma. Do you know any friends attending the same event or planning to? You can always contact the event organizer to chat to them about the event too, you should be able to tell a lot by gauging their response.

Event closing times are dependent on the partnered venues. Typically, most venues will close at 3am but some do stay open later. Check individual event information to find out the opening times of specific freshers events.

Freshers week events are of course predominantly attended by Freshers students, but also second and third years (who attend our returners fest, which is their equivalent to the Freshers Fest). All Freshers events typically require a student ID or another form of proof that you will be attending a university for entry, meaning the events are in a controlled and secure environment.

Yes, but it depends. Most event organizers and venues allow friends to attend Freshers week parties with you providing they are of or around student age, but it’s best to check with them if you’re unsure.

Events in freshers week are generally more lenient on dress code as venues and door teams are made aware that attendees are in a new city for the first time. We highly recommend and encourage Freshers to dress up according to the event. For example, for our Freshers Zoo Party we want to see animal prints and safari hats all around.

We have listed our key safety points for Freshers

  • Know your limits
  • Make sure your phone is fully charged
  • Eat plenty
  • Write down your address
  • Keep an eye on your drink at all times
  • Stick with your mates
  • Know how you’re getting home
  • Follow guidance on needle spiking